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Why consider a DIY venue?

When a Bride or Groom tells me their wedding will be taking place in a garden or field with a marquee or a tipi set up, I always get a warm fuzzy excited feeling inside! I absolutely love being involved with these style of weddings as they are so bespoke and personal. Quite often, couples have rallied their family and friends to assist them before and after their wedding, which means my team and I are a huge benefit as we are able to work with them taking many jobs off their hands on the wedding day itself. We will ensure all jobs are completed and finalised leaving your family and friends to also enjoy the day! One of the reasons people tend to book a ‘DIY’ style wedding using a marquee or a tipi is they assume that they are the “cheaper” option for a wedding but more often than not, they aren’t! They can add up to as much as a Hotel or Manor House option depending on what it is you want from your day with regards to size of marquee, toilets, food and drink etc. However, the best thing about a marquee wedding is being able to have that freedom and creating your unique wedding day! It’s a great way to allow your wedding day to be more personal and have a relaxed vibe. You will also benefit from a lot less restrictions on your special day, which is always a bit more fun eh! Marquee weddings do take a lot more organisation with so many different suppliers, timings to source and bringing it all together but this is what I am here for with my planning service! I find that marquee weddings are surprisingly more relaxed as it’s exclusive to your event with only your guests and chosen suppliers, plus they are never the same! Some couples may choose to have an unlicensed ceremony with a celebrant or friend conducting it, it may even include hand fastening, a tree planting ceremony or a fun sing a long with guests! Other couples may choose to only have their reception at their chosen destination and it might have a finish time or the celebrations may go into the early hours!! A top tip for any couple is to always have a coordinator on the day for any wedding day but it is even more essential to a DIY style wedding. As part of my “on the day management” service, we will assist with the entire morning set up, liaise with suppliers before and on the day also. We will be there for the both of you and guests too throughout the day, organising the flow of day including all timings of events and peoples whereabouts. We are there in morning until later in the evening and you can guarantee you’ll always see our faces around and will feel safe knowing your day is being looked after and that you will be too! Take a look at my website at the different services I offer from full planning to even just a ‘power hour’. These are a perfect pay as you go option for you to book at any stage during your planning for a bit of advice, support or supplier sourcing. Perhaps even buy a hour or two for a friend or family member as an engagement or Christmas present!? I am based in the New Forest and will travel wherever you need me! My team and I thrive on ensuring sure you have the BEST day and making it a wedding to remember!!


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